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Dance Innovations is excited to celebrate 22 years of sharing our love of dance with the children of the Yorkton community. 

From the time a child is conceived, he or she moves in an unpredictable fashion in order to become familiar to his or her surroundings. Any newborn can be observed discovering his or her environment through movement.

Creativity and movement are not learned phenomena; they are already a part of every young child. They can not be taught, only encouraged.

As instructors we are happy to continue the process of discovery and encourage each child to fulfill their potential. The faculty of Dance Innovations encourages respect, excellence, expression of movement and hard work to develop and challenge dancers.  The studio stresses teamwork and can often be heard backstage cheering "Go Team".

Our goal is not only to guide in the development of accomplished dancers but to assist in the nurturing of children who will become positive citizens in our communities.

Whether you are interested in the competitive aspect of dance or are looking for recreational classes for your child, Dance innovations has a strong program in both areas.

Welcome to Dance Innovations and we look forward to providing your child or children with a positive and rewarding challenge in dance.


Dance Innovations